Watch our webinar on transforming NPS

Find out how Reliant uncovered the "why" behind their NPS and how it's impacting their business


Marketers face a tall task in determining how to efficiently and effectively improve customer experiences and nurture advocates. In this webinar, Adriana Smith of Reliant and Lisa Wall of iModerate detailed how Reliant gained important context behind their Net Promoter Score using a new, innovative solution, (iM)merge Analytics.

Viewers will learn how this deeper understanding has enabled Reliant to align around a common goal fueled by the consumer story.


 Key Learnings:

  • How Reliant leveraged the context behind their shifting Net Promoter Score to retain promoters and convert detractor
  • How you can derive more value from the consumer commentary that you capture every day
  • How you can utilize (iM)merge Analytics to understand the why behind Key Performance Indicators such as Net Promoter Score

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