Making the Most of the Data you Already Have

Today's consumers take advantage of their ability to share their perceptions of, experiences with, and feelings toward a brand – whether brand-driven (e.g., CSAT surveys) or consumer-generated (e.g., social commentary). Yet marketers aren’t making the most of this valuable information flowing into their dashboards, CRMs, and survey platforms. 

You are likely already sitting on a gold mine of insights. The question is - how can you transform the customer feedback you already have into the actionable intelligence your brand(s) need to succeed?

Listen to this webinar recording, hosted by Adam Rossow, CMO of iModerate, to learn:
• What types of data marketers are neglecting instead of harnessing
• How to derive meaningful insight from these info streams without waiting weeks or breaking the bank
• Additional opportunities to collect and leverage consumer feedback through pre-existing platforms



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