Watch our webinar on how to get at the insights hiding beneath the surface


Qualitative researchers are tasked with teasing out the deep-seated factors that shape consumer behavior - but there are a variety of barriers that make it extremely difficult to get people to express their motivations, reasoning and emotional connections. 

This webinar takes a look at cognitive process and details the reasons why it’s so challenging for researchers to unlock the deeper parts of the consumer psyche. With a better understanding of how consumers think in hand, attendees will then learn how different qualitative techniques, strategies and question types can be applied to get researchers past surface answers to uncover deeper, more meaningful insights. Specifically, the webinar delves into projective techniques, enabling techniques and other insightful approaches.

 Key Learnings:

  • See the benefits of having a cognitive approach
  • Learn why those valuable insights are buried and how to unlock them
  • Find out the latest in projective techniques

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