Watch our webinar on the daily deal


While the daily deal has become a true phenomenon, anchored by services such as Groupon and LivingSocial, it is still largely unclear what the long term implications are for the brands involved as well as the ones that choose to sit on the sidelines.

This 20-minute webinar details the qualitative research we conducted to find out what daily deal consumers really think of the deals themselves, the brands behind them and the relationships they foster. We’ll share consumer insights as to when brands should use coupons vs. daily deals vs. gift cards and reveal the not-so-obvious motivations that drive consumers to participate. Attendees will walk away with a fresh perspective on daily deals, and discover a few big aha’s for brands.

 Key Learnings:

  • Find out if daily deals are right for your brand
  • Learn if daily deals engender loyaly
  • See which daily deals ar ethe most appealing

Watch the Webinar